Looking for the perfect vacation spot?

Hey, I don’t need to remind you how tough things are right now. Seems like everyone’s wallets are feeling a bit less like Hardy and more like Laurel! But don’t think that that means you can’t find the perfect vacation spot for you and your loved ones. If you need to get away, just look to the Live Music Show Capital of the World! That’s right,


It’s never boring in Branson, Missouri! Just look at some of the exciting Branson events coming soon:

3/27-3/29: Young Christians’ Weekend

3/28: 6th annual Cherry Blossom Kite Festival

4/4: Eggstravaganza

And that’s just the beginning! Did you forget about the legendary Branson live music shows? Like our slogan proudly boasts, “Someone you love is always playing in Branson!” Why just recently, we’ve had such amazing and well-known acts as Kirby Van Burch, The Baldknobbers, Presley’s Jubilee, and Circle B Chuckwagon! Still not convinced? Did I mention that Branson was recently voted the number 3 most budget-friendly destination by travel agents? Number three! That’s like a bronze medal.  And as our website is quick to note, “Branson is less than a day’s drive for one-third of Americans.”  Amazing, right? It’s like we never run out of selling points!

By now you’ve probably guessed that keeping up with all the new and exciting things happening in Branson is quite the challenge, which is why we find it absolutely necessary to have a Branson Blog.  Also, you can friend Branson on Facebook and Myspace! We’re just that cool!

So if you haven’t already, plan your trip to Branson today! Act now and you can be here before the April 24 Al Roker book signing! No, I’m not kidding!


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